Allora Knitted Wrap Scarves

I started on a journey late last year to develop a beautiful scarf to compliment my collection of capes.   I have always loved beautiful wool and I have definitely spent a small fortune over the years on beautiful knitwear and baby blankets for my children.

The warmth and quality of wool just can't be beaten.  I love the softness, texture and story you can tell through a well-made piece of knitting.

The yarn I have selected is a premium quality slow wool from Italy.  It's 100% superfine lana merino, muelsing free and 100% ethical. 

One of the main features I wanted in my new piece was that it was something you could wrap, drape, tie, knot and style in many different ways to create new looks.  

The wrap I have created is knitted in a beautiful moss stitch that resembles a finely knitted baby's blanket.  This beautiful stitch gives the wrap the ability to be layered and hold its shape and structure when worn so its not always floppy and can sit up to give height around your neck. 

It's a piece that I am very proud to add to the collection.