Caring for your Cape

Follow the care advice below to keep your cape looking as new for many seasons to come: 

  • During winter seasons, brush your cape with a lint or suede brush after wear to remove any surface soil or lint. 
  • Only use the inside coat hook for short term use. 

  • Hang your cape on a wooden coat hanger designed for coats & jackets. This will ensure the weight of the cape doesn’t stretch the shoulder area.  Never use wire or thin plastic coat hangers as these do not give the cape the support it needs. 

  • Never hang your cape in a packed wardrobe.  Having breathing space around wool and cashmere helps the material to stay crisp and will avoid any creasing. 

  • Never spot clean your cape yourself.  Home use spot and stain removers often contain bleach and can cause more harm than good.  It is is best to take your cape to a reputable dry cleaner who can assess the stain and choose the appropriate cleaning technique. 

  • If you need to press your cape, press with a light steam on reverse side.  

We hope you find this information useful for your cape and any other wool and cashmere coats you may have in your wardrobe.