Julie Snook - Journalist Nine News
We loved receiving this wonderful message from Julie about Allora capes. “I absolutely love my Allora cape!  Allora has created a beautiful range of capes for the modern-day woman.   Australian owned, Australian operated, Australian made – you can’t get much...
Sunday Telegraph
Super excited to see our sleeveless coat worn by model Nicole Meyer's and styled by Shannon Meddings for Sunday Telegraph / Flaunter.   
Allora Knitted Wrap Scarves
I started on a journey late last year to develop a beautiful scarf to compliment my collection of capes.   I have always loved beautiful wool and I have definitely spent a small fortune over the years on beautiful knitwear and...
WATCH VIDEO - Sleeveless Coat
See our new Sleeveless coat worn by our model Cassie.
WATCH VIDEO - Double-breasted capes
See our model Cassie wear the Allora double-breasted cape 
WATCH VIDEO - Single-Breasted Capes
See our new single-breasted cape worn by our model Cassie. 
Ethical Clothing Australia
This week we received our second accreditation certificate from Ethical Clothing Australia.  We are so proud to be accredited.  The ECA does amazing work to ensure workers rights are protected.   By purchasing an Allora cape you are not only buying...
Allora cape featured on Studio 10
See our classic double-breasted cape featured on Studio 10 fashion segment this month! 
Australian Fashion Council - Curated Melbourne
Allora has been selected as one of the independent Australian labels to participate in the Australian Fashion Council  (AFC) - Curated Melbourne 2018.
Fashion Journal x Alice is Back
Set the Mood. Loved this directional piece featured in February 2018 edition of Fashion Journal.